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setayesh song with the voice of Shevirad Get up, girl God is angry with her Rape, shame and deception These are silly words You are as pure as a petal But people are patients There are many setayesh As long as…

Book “soe zan” is the first independent book by Mahshad Arab

According to Namanameh news website: The book Suspicion, the first independent collection of Mahshad Arab, a songwriter named Keshvar, has been published and is currently being sold at the Tehran International Book Fair. Commenting on the details…
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Biography of Mahshad Arab

Mahshad Arab Singer, poet, university lecturer, writer, art director and music production manager; Born on May 16, 1984 in Tehran, he is the third child in the family and the younger sister of Mahdieh Arab, a prominent poet and songwriter…

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